undone.//idealism x lucid green


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Undone is indeed a consummate body of immaculate production work, led in part by the outstanding, technical and exuberant capability of Finnish ambient producer, Idealism. 

On the Undone EP, Idealism teams up with Lucid Green, a 22-year-old producer hailing from the South of France, currently living in Bristol. Each producer expresses an outstanding and profound level of electronic creativity. The combination of Idealism's well-known technique and Lucid Green's youthful production style creates a surreptitious and completely awe-inspiring musical mosaic.

It is as complete an ambient EP as you are going to hear this year. The EP consists of 10 excellently reflective and well-produced beats. Vintage chill hop. 

The jazz-inspired theme and tempo are literally everything to the experience. How do I mean? Take for instance, the delightful keys used on 'I'll Be Waiting', it is not only the well-thought-out arrangement that ensures its quality, but the song's pace. I can't help but reference this overwhelming bright afternoon in the country feel to the entire album's ceiling. 

Almost none of the beats on the Undone album were built past a certain pace. It's difficult to pinpoint where that level is, but esteemed listeners to Idealism's recent releases will be aware that he isn't your usual ambient crossover artist. There aren't your usual drum kit transitions, as you might have come to expect from modern-day ambience. That in our view adds to the unique listening experience.

I have slid the title track 'Undone' into the 'Radiant Ambience: Edition 12' playlist. It is not only the single that we feel demonstrates the outstanding character of the lead producer as a young and upcoming flourishing talent, but I feel it's one of several opportunities that offer us all an insight into the album's objective, without question.

Overall - 8/10

  1. Breathe - 8/10
  2. Invisible - 8/10
  3. Undone - 7/10
  4. Distant - 7/10
  5. Breakfast at Julie's - 6/10
  6. Blue - 8/10
  7. A Moment in Time - 6/10
  8. Belong - 7/10
  9. Slow Down - 6/10
  10. I'll Be Waiting - 8/10