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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ decided to deep-dive into the latest compilation album from the London independent label partnership, Wisdom Teeth, with a view to deciphering what drives the music and most importantly uncovering the key subthemes behind this unique expression of art.

Wisdom teeth is an exciting project run by talented UK production duo K-Lone and Facta who both have teamed up on this new drop to provide an entertaining musical experience for their global fanbase. One critic, Andrew Ryce, writing for resident advisor titles his review on the newly released compilation entitled To Illustrate, "an excursion in 100bpm". Whatever that means.

Our view is that with electronic instrumental comps, especially in this genre, the very best a group of producers can viably aim for is to progress musical innovation in a meaningful way. It is not an easy task to progress something and for a label to put together a coherent body of work that effectively brings the diverse strengths of a select group of producers together like this under one umbrella while also creating a shockwave within a scene, it may have been too complex, yet to also create an honest depiction of a concept whilst retaining as familiar a sound as possible - this strikes us as an uphill challenge.

This ambient compilation deserves endless superlatives for attempting to achieve that objective.

hussko's 'Two Nights in Peter's Bog' is an aggy assortment of the unreal. It implements a gargantuan maelstrom-y sort of distorted synth bass and mashes it with a quaintly humorous vocal sample. The percussion strings on Iglew's 'Rockpool Pool Party' are a welcome eventuality. Salamanda's 'κρήνη της νύμφης' is a delicate and risqué visit to the known unknown and like most of the comp, Nick León's 'Separation Anxiety' presents itself as an abstract and empty mid-tempo flirtation with the futuristic. According to another source, it's an ambitious amalgamation of synths and ambient fx.

Themes of minimalism and aspects of nihilism are noticeable throughout.

Overall - 7/10

  1. Sun Dapple - 6/10
  2. Kiss Me, Can't Sleep - 9/10
  3. Bicycle - 8/10
  4. Two Nights in Peter's Bog - 8/10
  5. Rockpool Pool Party - 5/10
  6. κρήνη της νύμφης - 8/10
  7. Separation Anxiety - 7/10
  8. Whirlpool Vanish - 6/10
  9. Girl Food - 5/10
  10. Fairy Liquor - 8/10

We've playlisted two tracks from the comp, and slid them into our Special Edition Radiant Ambience playlist. The playlist is exclusive to Apple Music.