the bhajan project 2.//shivali


Rating: ⭐⭐

As the recent interview with Rolling Stones India describes, 'The Bhajan Project 2' is an exciting 2nd installment to this particular collaboration from the artist: Shivali and her producer: Arjun. Shivali demonstrates her vocal aptitude over a magnificent blend of ambient styles involving a kind of calm virtuosity, with outstanding results.

The Bhajan Project 2 is not only a peaceful and serene journey but also a journey that you'll yearn to experience again (and again). It is deserving of a place in the Album of the Week feature simply because of its quality but also due to its connection to UK-Indian culture, of which music is an important part.

It is nothing short of a brilliantly produced musical experience. 

Listening to and witnessing the mannered tranquility generated by these Indian devotionals is inspiring, even if the wording seems rather unfamiliar to those of non-Indian heritage, there are some nuanced emotions that this album generates that have that quintessentially British feel. For example, in the songs 'Payoji Maine', and in the formidable second track 'Radhe Radhe', there are interesting references to music that might befit the title of modern soul or R&B. Very rarely are we able to critique music that originates from such influences. For that reason alone, it is clear that the musical heroine of this story is Shivali.