creed 3: the soundtrack.//dreamville


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do excuse the hiatus. After giving the 3rd Creed Movie's soundtrack a good spin, I thought it would be appropriate to praise the incredible orchestral production team for their insurmountable rendition of the classy 'Greater' by Ari Lennox, which I not only listened to whilst watching a replay of superrr Dan Azeez in Paris - who lifted his latest boxing title over the weekend (congratulations bro), but also, while accompanied by the powerfully inspired Creed 3 visuals. 

I'll be honest, the soundtrack is as impressive as it gets, but what's more impressive is the sample taken from one of my most listened-to chillhop beats: j^p^n's "Fleece" joint from his Honor EP. Classic 90's style hip-hop brought into the context of the modern day. One of my favourite instrumental EPs from last year even though it was released originally in 2016, produced by a diamond in the dirt - J^p^n. 

The crossover between Dan Azeez's win over Thomas Faure over the weekend, the Creed 3 soundtrack (which is itself a noteworthy compilation), and the 'Fleece' sample is mysterious and has to be assessed in more detail, but not by me, because I'm way too behind on the Creed trilogy, and the Rocky movie, in general, to be making inferences. 

But it would be nice food for thought to know which title the 'Fleece' / 'Greater' string sample originates from though.

Overall - 9/10

  1. Culture - 8/10
  2. Ma Boy - 9/10
  3. Anthem - 7/10
  4. Adonis Interlude - 8/10
  5. Greater - 9/10
  6. Ogogoro - 10/10
  7. Just Face It - 8/10
  8. Headhunters - 7/10
  9. Jack - 7/10
  10. Hate Me Now - 7/10
  11. Talk To Me - 7/10
  12. Lay Up - 10/10
  13. Long The Way - 7/10
  14. In The Room - 7/10
  15. Shadows - 8/10
  16. Burn Bridges - 9/10
  17. Heavy Is The Head - 9/10
  18. Blood, Sweat & Tears - 9/10