1st voyage ep.//dave angel


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

1st Voyage by R&S Record's DJ Dave Angel is an elite collection of soothing electronic club-orientated anthems from the legend of techno, each incorporating decisive elements of contemporary techno with features of atmospheric ambience. 

1st Voyage demonstrates Dave Angel's unwavering best-in-class approach to his music, with some of the most visibly superior production you are likely to encounter on the techno circuit. It is a befitting justification for the way the beats are deftly framed and systematically executed that successfully entices its listener. Indeed, on the 1st Voyage EP, Angel, an astute veteran of the London techno scene,' showcases his superiority with a neat and punctual awareness of the listening encounter, second only to a handful of producers, in our view.

'Poison' has all the hallmarks of a great dance record. It has an exhilarating tempo, it switches octaves almost in a way that imparts reassurance. This production theme is replicated in 'Velocity' where likewise Angel utilises the virtue of an upbeat and bobbly bassline. 'Plant Function' is probably the best-designed anthem on the EP, here, we find the use of staggered synthisised loops to create a sufficient synchronisation between the chillout mood and the idealism of the rave scene. 'Mesmerize' is likewise a phenomenally proficient end product. Away from the ease and fungibility of each track, the theme of the EP is quite concise and effectively communicated.


Overall - 7/10

  1. Poison - 7/10
  2. Velocity - 7/10
  3. Planet Function - 7/10
  4. Mesmerize - 7/10