Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Following a blockbuster year that saw 'Magic Pony Ride' rise telescopically to graceful heights whilst piercing its way through to new listening audiences, receiving rapturous applause, widespread acclaim and great feedback for its brave, conscious yet fashionable demarcation from an altogether disenfranchised status quo, µ-Ziq continues to surprise his core audience in fine form with this, the latest ambient-inspired album release entitled '1977'.

Unlike some, who might find '1977' to be hazardously indifferent to the albums produced by Mike Paradinas a.k.a µ-Ziq, in a year where he has skyrocketed to the mrbullion.pro inaugural Top 10, pioneering a sequence of popular groundbreaking genre contributions such as the unparalleled album track 'Houzz 13', the hard-working producer best known to his dedicated fans for his rhythmic instrumental style continues to create havoc both on the circuit and on the world stage at large. µ-Ziq rarely ever misses, 1977 is a delightful sprinkle of ambient-focused instrumental gold dust.