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According to research written by Assistant Professor, Noah Askin of INSEAD, the rise in the digitisation of music has meant that to a large extent, consumers have relied heavily on algorithmic curation. But, as Noah Askin alludes to in the article, what about the technique, and artistry involved in story-telling, is this a lost art? Absolutely not.  

Authentic Playlists for Brands & Spaces

Develop a compelling brand story through the use of curated music. Ensure repeat custom by engaging with end customers more authentically. At Mister Bullion, we help clients achieve better mood and morale during the customer experience which in-turn helps reduce customer attrition rates. We achieve this through selective playlisting for private clients who operate restaurants, bars, open work spaces, hotels, gymnasiums and well-being spas. The playlists we select help our private clients engage staff, building a culture of authenticity whilst also creating more conducive environments for employees and loyal customers.

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